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Find suitable suppliers on Europe's largest platform for drawing parts - whether for individual parts, small or large series and regardless of the respective production technologies​

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Quick find instead of long search!

Finding new suppliers is a time-consuming job that involves many uncertainties. Techpilot gives you the opportunity to get in touch with thousands of pre-qualified parts suppliers and conveniently advertise your needs. There are no costs for you.

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Supplier search made easy

Search our company database for suitable suppliers for your parts. Thanks to extensive filter options you will find the needle in the haystack. The clear company profiles guarantee a good comparability and provide all relevant information at a glance.

Customized suppliers for your tenders

If you have specific needs, you can simply post them to Techpilot. Our matching algorithm finds the right supplier based on your data. He will be invited to submit an offer to your request. All offers are clearly displayed on our platform or can be comfortably downloaded as Excel.

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Book your sourcing expert for drawing parts

Do you have a complex enquiry or are you looking for a very special supplier? Our experts will draw up a shortlist of suitable suppliers and pre-qualify them for you.

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Faster to success with interfaces

Do you use an ERP or SRM tool for your tenders, but want to address a larger circle of potential suppliers? Our interface products are tailor-made and guarantee fast integration into your systems - finding suitable new suppliers has never been easier!

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